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Purchasing an aircraft is complex, operating an aircraft needs experience, maintaining an aircraft requires expertise & safety, selecting the right product and the right service is time & money consuming... Within a sustainability environment.

Finding an aircraft that offers the right combination of size, speed, comfort, range and safety can become a painstaking process.

Your Home and Office in the sky must be perfect.

We provide the expertise on all the aspects around corporate aviation. 360° !

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Pre-Owned Aircraft Sales & Acquisition

We have access to a large inventory of pre-owned aircraft, all manufacturers. We also have access to "off market" aircraft.

We advise and help you to select the best partners, the best plane, meeting your requirements. We may also suggest a few alternatives, for your satisfaction.


New Aircraft Sales

Each aircraft and each manufacturer have their own specifics. Each aircraft is unique providing its own performance, within budgets to control.

We have the confidence of the largest manufacturers and we will guide you during the acquisition process and much more.

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Fractional Jet Ownership

We recommend the best organization and provider in fractional ownership. ​Instead of buying a single airplane, participants in the program can purchase access to a whole fleet, requesting service only when needed.

They commit on flexibility, controlled budgets, and the highest standards of safety & quality.

Together with the best aircraft, mid-size and large, to cover your needs and meet your highest expectations.

And because flexibility and confidentiality are also driving your business.

Préparation de l'homme à voler un avion

Aircraft Management

You have selected the right aircraft.

It will be important to select the right operator, adapted to your profile, that will manage your aircraft & crew etc...

Infinite Jet International will assist you to select the best operator within a very competitive industry.

We work with the best providers. For you.


Aircraft Maintenance

Maintenance of an aircraft is a strategic matter to manage with high care. Safety is not negotiable.

Thanks to our worldwide partnership, we are able to recommend the best solutions for light and heavy maintenance of your aircraft.

We also advise on maintenance programs such as FalconCare, AOS, SmartParts...

Expert comptable

Costs Controls

Your dream to fly your own aircraft is strategic but that can become a nightmare when the costs are on the table.

Infinite Jet International is experienced and will guide you, with our partners, to optimize your costs without compromising on safety and efficiency.

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Additional Services

We want to serve you and cover all your needs.


We then recommend and guide you on every aspect related to business aviation, not limited to:

  • Aircraft specification (each aircraft is different, each customer has his own request and needs. Together with experts and the OEMs, to select your interior, options and equipment is strategic)

  • Aircraft Interior management (design, locations, colors, materials, communication...)

  • Aircraft financing, leasing etc...(to correctly finance and aircraft is strategic. Associated with the most reputable financing houses, we help the customers to select the most adapted financing solutions)

  • Aircraft Evaluation & Appraisals: your asset has a value, within a changing market.

  • Operating Costs studies (to understand what you buy and what will be the real costs)

  • Legal (Paris, Brussels, Mumbai, London and Geneva specialized lawyers are available, with us)

  • Pre-Purchase inspections PPI (buying an aircraft justifies an investment to investigate on technical and documentation aspects)

  • LOIs, PAs (issuing the legal document for a transaction needs experience)

  • Escrow accounts : securing a transaction is a key issue

  • Fleet optimization (diversity in the fleet can be strategic but as well owning a fleet of few similar aircraft is well justified)

  • Charter (we are associated to charter providers, all aircraft types, worldwide)

  • FBOs: to welcome you and your passengers within a nice and efficient environment is strategic, everywhere, any time. Warm welcome and safety procedures. 

  • Crew sourcing (long term or short term pilots & flight attendants sourcing)

  • Training (engineers, pilots, flight attendants...It is costly to have your crew updated)

  • Airworthiness, Regulations (each country has its own rules) 

  • Operations NCC, part 135, EU-OPS... (each owner has his own constraints)

  • Hangarage (to store & hangar an expensive aircraft is an investment)

  • Insurances (safety but as well security need care and experience)

  • Flight Operations (heavy work that can be subcontracted and optimized)

  • Ferry, Delivery (a proper delivery has to be managed with care then positioning your new plane can justify support) 

  • Market Studies (a serious study before purchasing may avoid bad surprises)

  • Audits: because selecting a long-term partner needs a special attention

  • Engines & APU programs (options are available to enroll the planes and engines into maintenance programs)

  • Spare parts & Toolings (only serious & approved providers can be considered)

  • Special Missions: Medevac, Cargo...

  • Fine dining: because travelling with efficiency and comfort is what you want!

  • Life Style: we take care of your real-life concerns if you need so. Real Estate, Yachting, Concierge... Associated to the best of the sector. You focus on your core business and family, we serve your freedom.

  • ...and much more subject to what you need

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