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Q & A

Is Infinite Jet International well adapted to my needs?

Infinite Jet International has been advising customers for years. They offer a panel of services that will cover all your needs, from acquisition to management, maintenance, operating costs, sales etc...

We'll start by analysing the current situation and what you need for your corporate and private transportation.

Then, associated with the most reputable organizations in business aircraft industry, Infinite Jet International will certainly deliver you the best, with quality and experience. A fully customized solution.

What is the experience that I can benefit from Infinite Jet International?

I have been active for more than 32 years in corporate aviation.

New Aircraft environment with Socata Airbus (TB9, TB10, TB200, TB20, TB21 and TBM700 series aircraft), Dassault Aviation (Falcon 50EX, Falcon 2000 series, Falcon 900 series, Falcon 7X, Falcon 8X, Falcon 5X, Falcon 6X, Falcon 10X) and Gulfstream Aerospace (G200, G280, G350, G450, G550, G400, G500, G600, G650ER, G700, G800).

Pre-Owned Aircraft with Gulfstream series, Dassault series, Bombardier series.

Then Cessna Textron series, BeechcraftEmbraer series, Pilatus, Airbus ACJ, Boeing BBJ, HondaJet...

That has given the opportunity to build a worldwide network of reputable experts in all areas around business aircraft ownership, use, operation and share ownership.

This unique and extensive experience is at your service only.

Will Infinite Jet International cost me money?

Infinite Jet International is there to help you to identify and select the best products and services. Thanks to our experience, we help you to acquire at the best conditions. But we also support you to operate the aircraft within the most appropriate environment for your profile and to reduce  your costs.

At the end, Infinite Jet International will make sure you save money and optimize your expenses.

It won't be costing, it will be generating value only. With us, you invest, you save money.

How has Infinite Jet International selected their partners?

We are motivated to deliver quality only.

In our business, a lot of actors are around, thinking "one shot" and short term revenue.

To our experience, a positive sale is when a customer comes back to you for another adventure. We work long-term and a focus on quality.

From the most reputable OEMs with long-term established relationship, to the most reputable operators that are directly connected to the customers, we have also selected actors that are known to be "customer oriented" in the fractional ownership, brokerage, finance, legal, maintenance, aircraft design, architects, CAMOs, charter etc.

Our commitment is to deliver you  only the best, for your benefit.

Our partners must share that vision, they must be loyal to the customers, their experience has demonstrated over the years that they deliver the best but will be there tomorrow as well, for success but also to manage difficulties.

This is our guarantee, this is our commitment, to you.

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